The First Annual North Falmouth Organ Slaughter
cbop concord ballet orchestra players first annual north falmouth organ slaughter cd cover
double CD forthcoming via Goddamn I’m a Countryman Records (Sweden)
mastered by Greg Davis
recorded at the Concord Ballet, Somerville, MA

Disc One:
1. CBOP on Fire
2. Distended Belly Blues
3. Slow Transfer
4. MoreTrimmed
5. White Whale

Disc Two:
1. A Beginning
2. Alpaca Packrats
3. Descender Load
4. No Thirds
5. 103
6. In The Last 6 Minutes
7. Mesial Groove
8. In Closing

Flying Together
cbop concord ballet orchestra players flying together cd cover
EP from Froyen Foods / Insect Fields

1. Test Flight
2. Stormcloud
3. Deep Flight

Spiritual Elders
cbop concord ballet orchestra players spiritual elders cd cover
CD/dowload forthcoming from Philharmonic Hominy

1. May 29, 1913
2. Diaghilev’s Dream
3. For Merce Cunningham
4. Balanchine’s Blues
5. No No Nijinsky
6. En Pointe (Ode to Marie Taglione)
7. And Anna Akhmatova
8. May 29, 1913 (reprise)

Light The Day On Fire
cbop concord ballet orchestra players light the day on fire cd cover
CD from Philharmonic Hominy
Recorded Summer 2008 in Brookline MA; (2) live at PAs Lounge

1. Morning Flint
2. Rocco’s Farewell
3. Aspinwall Hill Perch
4. Lumberjack Dentistry
5. Manitoba Dynamo
6. Run To Dusk
7. Sky Chariot
8. All That Life Is


CD from Philharmonic Hominy, Free Download at Bandcamp
Recorded Winter 2009 at WMBR by Ramsey Tantawi

1. Racecar? A Toyota Racecar?
2. Boston Did Not Sob
3. Drab As A Fool, As Aloof As A Bard
4. Elf Farm Raffle
5. Yell Or Trolley
6. Serif Fires
7. No Trace; Not One Carton
8. Rats Live On No Evil Star
9. Solo Gigolos
10. I Roamed Under It As A Tired Nude Maori
11. Mr. Owl Ate My Metal Worm
12. Saginaw Swan I Gas
13. Never Odd Or Even
14. So Many Dynamos
15. Do Geese See God?

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