Open Sesame!

January 28, 2011

Release dates in the underground world are usually pretty nebulous. When Matt from L’Animaux Tryst determined January 25th as the release date for the double cassette version of First Annual North Falmouth Organ Slaughter, we had faith in him, even if we didn’t schedule our release date until February 16 (at Great Scott with Tristan da Cunha & Sam Moss). Delays in Portland didn’t get them out of town until Tuesday morning, but that seems like exactly when they were supposed to go.

Waiting for them was the biggest challenge. On Thursday morning, I went out as soon as the sun broke through and spent hours shoveling snow. But the first thing I did was make a path so the postman could get to the door. Despite 2 Day Priority guarantees, apparently snow has slipped from the USPS creed and into the realm of act of God. We didn’t get any mail at all. Friday I woke antsy as though it were Christmas morning or something. In the early afternoon, I heard the mail slot creak and made the door in two strides only to find a piece of junk mail. I opened the door and there was no package in the foyer. Instead of freaking out I took a shower, and then emailed Matt to see if he had a tracking number I could take to the post office. As soon as I clicked send there was a clattering at the front door. I looked out the window to see a mail truck parked at the end of the driveway. Downstairs in an even quicker flash, waiting for me was cardboard nirvana.

Tearing it open there it was — our music made to look awesome. Not much more to say, but just wait until you get to hear how great it sounds with the natural analog compression of the cassette…

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