Palindromes Coming Soon

May 17, 2010

Over Winter break, we recorded at WMBR with Ramsey Tantawi while he was back in town. After lots and lots of cutting and pasting we’ve finally got it into some digestible portions. And I think I’ve found a site to host the tunes and most of our back catalog so you can download for free or donate to us…

The new album is full of tunes that express palindromes in both literal and figurative ways. Heck the middle track on the album even stops midway through and goes back to the start.

Racecar? A Toyota Racecar?
Boston Did Not Sob
Drab As A Fool, As Aloof As A Bard
Elf Farm Raffle
Yell Or Trolley
Serif Fires
No Trace; Not One Carton
Rats Live On No Evil Star
Solo Gigolos
I Roamed Under It As A Tired Nude Maori
Mr. Owl Ate My Metal Worm
Saginaw Swan I Gas
Never Odd Or Even
So Many Dynamos
Do Geese See God?


One Response to “Palindromes Coming Soon”

  1. Looking forward to it…

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