Gettin’ $weaty

April 21, 2009

With a four car caravan congregating at Creed’s flop in Luongo Square, we prove yet again that CBOP has a limited aptitude for touring. Heck, we were all introduced to our drummer for the evening when we got to his place. We drove to Olneyville and found $weat$hop in the midst of the warehouses beneath the highways. An open fence led down an alley to a loading dock which revealed a glorious space full of couches and graffiti, with a performance space that doubled as a half pipe.

People of Color were first and killed the lights and went the power electronics route and presented a wall of noise. We were set up behind them and thus were able to start as soon as they cleared their amps from the front of the stage. James (the drummer), Kyle and I all stood onstage, while Creed was on the floor next to me and Kris was off to the side next to him. During our half-hour long set and I’m pretty sure that the room was fullest of the night. Afterwards, lots of folks had nice things to say.

While the rest of our crew took off after we loaded our gear out (sort of a necessity since there was no place for storage), I stuck around until the music was done. Florida=Death was a great band of Connecticutters, who alternated between long experimental/free passages and some weird songy bursts. The two Providence bands – Riff Parade and Volcano Kings – closed things out with jazzy free rockin’ sets that made this night actually fit together. I was in my car by about 2:30am and made it home before 3:45am (I stopped for a Coke and a bag of Smartfood).

If you want to hear our set, it’s available here:


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